Failed Sunderland burglar caught after leaving dog dirt gloves outside botched crime scene

An English Bull Terrier.
An English Bull Terrier.
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A burglar was arrested after police discovered the gloves he’d been using to clean up after his dog had been left outside the address he targeted.

Nicholas Thomas Wright was walking his English Bull Terrier at about 4.45am on September 2 in Sunderland, when he spotted the interior light of a BMW car switched on.

The 35-year-old searched the car where he found a set of house keys to the property and entered the house.

However, when he heard the house owner, he fled leaving behind the gloves he had brought with him to clean up after his dog.

Michael Cahill, prosecuting, said: “The complainant parked his motor vehicle on his road. Inside were two tool boxes and keys belonging to the house.

“At 11.30pm that night he went to bed. At 4.45am that morning he was woken by the noise of the internal front door partly open.

“The external front door was ajar. He contacted the police and he left the property to search for the intruder.”

Mr Cahill told the court how police found a pair of surgical gloves outside the address which led to the defendant being arrested and interviewed.

He added: “In interview he said the gloves were there as he had been walking the dog and they were used to clean up the dog’s faeces.”

Wright pleaded guilty to theft and burglary.

Glen Gatland, defending, said Wright committed the offences during a relapse while trying to beat his addiction to amphetamine.

He added: “This was not a night time planned burglary.

“He suffers from agoraphobia, he doesn’t like meeting with people so he would walk his dog at night to avoid coming into contact with people.

“It was then he saw an interior light on inside the BMW, the door was partly ajar. He saw the door of the car was open and he searched it.

“He wanted to see if there was anything to take out of the car.

“He found the keys, went to the house opened the front door. He realised he had been foolish and he heard a noise, and then left his house.

“Nothing was taken during the course of the burglary. It wasn’t pre-planned.

“He didn’t obtain anything and he didn’t seek to have a confrontation while in the house.”

Wright, of Elmwood Avenue, Southwick, Sunderland, was in breach of a suspended sentence imposed on him by Sunderland Magistrates Court, for possession of a bladed article, when he committed the crime.

Judge Edward Bindloss sentenced Wright to 11 months suspended for two years and 18 months supervision.

He told Wright: “This is a chance I am giving to you, take it.”