Facebook row led to terrifying knife attack

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FACEBOOK slasher Colin Campbell has been jailed for 10 years for knifing his girlfriend after a row over the social networking site.

Thug Campbell was already on bail for stabbing his neighbour five times when he attacked and slashed his partner.

Now he has been deemed a massive danger to society and locked up for 10 years.

Campbell’s partner was attacked with a kitchen knife, leaving her with multiple injuries after the couple rowed over something that had appeared on the thug’s Facebook page.

The assault came just weeks after 42-year-old Campbell stabbed his neighbour when he arrived home drunk at his flat in Tunstall Vale, Sunderland.

Upset at the noise being made, the man asked Campbell if he had a problem with him.

Campbell replied that he did and that “it would be sorted in a minute”.

The pair decided to resolve the problem in the backyard and Campbell headed downstairs with a knife.

A scuffle ensued and Campbell used the knife to stab his neighbour five times, puncturing his lung and fracturing one of his ribs in the process.

It was less than two months later that he launched an attack on his then partner at his new address on Roker Avenue.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the victim, who feared she could have been killed, was only able to call for help when Campbell breached the terms of his electronic curfew imposed as part of his bail conditions by leaving his house, prompting G4S, the company responsible for monitoring offenders, to ring his home address.

The woman had turned up at Campbell’s flat at around 4am to confront him after seeing something on his Facebook page she disliked.

The court was told yesterday that Campbell had begun his violent tirade against her “immediately” after she knocked on the door.

A fight ensued and Campbell then left the house, breaking the terms of his electronic tag and allowing his victim to call for help when G4S telephoned the house.

Julie Clemitson, prosecuting, said: “The defendant left the house. As he did so, the victim noticed he was carrying a knife up his sleeve.

“She locked herself in his flat after the scuffle. When she wouldn’t let him into his flat, he kicked the door down.

“When he came back in she took an empty litre bottle of spirit and hit him over the head with it.”

Campbell then brandished the knife he was carrying and began to lash out.

The girlfriend suffered puncture wounds to the back of her left shoulder, wounds to her shoulder and slash marks to her left arm and under her left breast.

Campbell pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding in relation to the offence against her.

He was found guilty by a jury of wounding with intent at Newcastle Crown Court in January this year, in relation to the first incident.

Defending, Robert Spragg, said on the night of the second incident, both parties had taken excessive alcohol and other substances.

He was jailed for 10 years for the first attack, with an extended period of licence of five years

He was also given 16 months imprisonment with an extended licence of three years in relation to the second attack.