Facebook menace with history of violence and bullying left pregnant ex-girlfriend living in fear

Thomas Murray
Thomas Murray

A Facebook pest who left his pregnant ex-girlfriend living in fear has been put behind bars.

Thomas Murray was banned by court order from having any contact with his former long-term partner so set up two fake profiles on the social media site and sent

her messages.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 27-year-old told the woman, who is due to give birth to his baby, there would be "hell on" if she had been with other men.

He called the victim a "s**g", said she had a "cold heart" and added "you didn't really love me".

In the weeks before the nine messages were sent, Murray also turned up at a house he knew the victim was at and shouted outside, asking to talk to her.

The court heard Murray, of Lumley Close, Oxclose, Washington, has repeatedly breached the order before and there is a background of him using "direct violence", "persistent jealousy" and "bullying" towards the woman.

He pleaded guilty to two charges of breaching a restraining order in relation to the offences which happened late last year and early this year.

Judge Edward Bindloss sentenced him to 20 months behind bars.

The judge told him: "You have done this in the past, been punished in the past and it has had no effect.

"There is a high degree of risk of harm to this pregnant complainant because of the background.

"In her victim personal statement, she said she feels unsafe and one can understand why when the orders courts make upon you are breached persistently and regularly."

The judge said the victim is "pregnant and vulnerable" and has had move in with her parents "where she feels more secure".

Sue Hirst, defending, said the Facebook contact involved "rambling" messages about Murray's feelings.

The court heard the couple had a baby together in the past, who survived for just a few hours due to health problems, and that some of Murray's messages related to the tragedy.

Miss Hirst added: "Clearly he has never come to terms with that bereavement."

Miss Hirst said Murray has sought help to cope with his feelings and added: "He has to accept, and does accept, this relationship is over."