Ex-teacher to pay BNP debt

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A BNP activist has been held personally liable for unpaid debts after one of the party’s former workers took the organisation to court.

District Judge David Robertson ruled Adam Walker, a former Wearside teacher, must pay £21,000 to the party’s former graphic designer. Mark Adrian Collett.

Mr Collett launched the action against the BNP, but the case against it was dismissed.

District Judge Robertson decided the judgement against Walker should stand.

Walker was a technology teacher at Houghton Kepier School until 2007, when he resigned after posting comments online using a school laptop.

He later appeared before the General Teaching Council accused of racial intolerance and found guilty of a single charge of misconduct after he admitted using the computer during a lesson.

It is thought the latest case could cause problems for the party, as it paves the way for other creditors to take action against activists.

They may find themselves declared bankrupt and stopped from holding a position in political office at any level.

Durham County Court heard Mr Collett, 30, was employed as the controversial party’s principal graphic designer and Walker was a senior officer and staff manager.

The BNP was described in court as an unincorporated association with no corporate identity, which left senior officers responsible for contracts.

Its finances are said to be in difficulties.

An agreement was made on September 9 last year, between Mr Collett and both Walker and the BNP.

Mr Collett said this was breached and he only received £750 from the BNP, instead of the £7,500 he claimed was due at the time, with the full amount of £15,750 now liable.

District Judge Robertson awarded him £14,250 plus £7,333 costs against Walker, who must pay the amount by October 17.

Walker, 42, of Winchester Court, Spennymoor, who represented himself, said after the hearing he respected the judge’s decision and said the contract had been signed in good faith while he was party manager.

District Judge Robertson judge dismissed an application for the senior solicitor’s fees.

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