Ex-SAFC midfielder Cabral told police 'he regularly went out looking for sex', jury told


A former Sunderland footballer accused of rape told police he regularly went out looking for sex with women in nightclubs, despite having a fiancee in Switzerland, a jury heard today.

Ex-Black Cats midfielder Cabral is currently on trial at Hull Crown Court, where he denies two charges of rape.

The 27-year-old - real name Adilson Traveres Varela - denies forcing himself on a woman who came back to his apartment with friends after a night out in Newcastle.

A jury was today told of a police interview involving Cabral after the alleged offences, when he told officers he knew nothing about his alleged victim and admitted he regularly had sex with women in Newcastle.

In the interview, Detective Constable Kit Tipling asked Cabral: "You are a professional footballer, do you regularly go out in Newcastle looking for sex with girls you don’t know?"

Cabral replied: "Yes, but not with girls I don’t know. Most of the people I know. I go out most of the time."

Dc Tipling continued: "Do you often have sex with girls in Newcastle and take them back to your flat?" Cabral replied: "Yes. Quite often. But not at my flat." He said most of the time they went to a pal's apartment.

He admitted he had given the girl a false name, did not know her age or anything about her and meant to asked for her phone number but the time had not been right after they had sex.

DC Tipling added: "Did you arrange to see her again?" To which Cabral replied: "No."

The officer then asked: "At any point did you ask for her phone number?" Cabral answered: "No. In my mind I thought I would ask her for her number.”

DC Tipling said: "What do you know about her?" Cabral replied: "Nothing."

The detective continued: "Was that the first time you met her?" Cabral said: "Yes." DC Tipling asked: "Is it the first time she has been to your house?" Cabral replied: "Yes."

DC Tipling pressed: "Do you think you have done anything wrong." Cabral replied: "No."

The footballer was asked by DC Tipling if he had ever been aggressive, threatened or put his hands around her neck. He replied: "No. Never. I was very nice to her."

He said she initiated sex in his bedroom and after five minute complained she was tired.

Cabral added: "I put my clothes on and went out of the bedroom. I tried to call another girl. Some girl, I have seen sometimes."

Cabral said he first saw the complainant in a Newcastle nightclub before walking with her to another establishment.

He said: "I danced with her. I kissed her. I talked to her. We don’t talk much. I say 'Ok'. She say: 'Whey aye'. She said she would do after party at my house.”

Cabral said he drove the woman and her two friends and his two pals to his apartment. He said he insisted they took their shoes off to protect his carpet and the girls went into his bathroom for 10 minutes.

He said he had gone to the bathroom door to find out why they had been taking so long because he was worried they could be taking cocaine. He told police: “I ask girl, did you take drugs? If you take cocaine, then everybody out. She said: 'No'. She sat there laughed and said: 'No! No! I am not!'"

Cabral said the girl had filmed her friend for a video in his shower and he was shown it when they came out. He said he had tried to make a toast with drink, but no one wanted drinks.

He said kissing was natural as they had kissed before in the club. He admitted: “I don’t want people to know I play football. I told her my name was Demy.”

Asked by the officer if he was aggressive he said: “No never. After that I was very nice to her.”

He said it was 30-40 minutes before the girls left his apartment. He said he had gone back into the bedroom to see the woman and asked if she was staying the night or going home with her friends.

When asked about the rape allegation he said: "It is not the truth. I am innocent."

The trial continues.