Ex-Newcastle striker Andy Carroll's former sports agent ripped up sofa 'his wife loved more than him'

Newcastle Crown Court
Newcastle Crown Court

Andy Carroll's former football agent has been spared jail after ripping up a sofa which he believed his wife loved more than him.

Sports agent Peter Harrison had been told to stay away from Wendy, his wife of 23-years and mother to his two teenage children, in June last year after she ended their relationship.

The 57-year-old had been Andy Carroll's agent while he was at Newcastle United and he had relied upon a cut of the striker's £35million move to Liverpool to help him pay off a long-standing debt to Sam Allardyce.

However, he walked away from the deal without a penny after Carroll switched agents and a bankruptcy order was made in 2011.

Newcastle Crown Court today heard how Harrison, who appeared under the name of Michael, text his wife making threats to smash the door of the property in and kick her and their children out.

Paul Rowland, prosecuting, told the court how the following month his wife received further text messages.

Mr Rowland said: "The defendant was threatening to burn the house down. That was followed two days later by further texts threatening violence to the complainant and also what's described as angry voicemails and threats to her and her (teenage children)."

Mr Rowland told the court how on July 17 last year Harrison entered the property in Gateshead and was removed by the police but returned the following day.

The door was answered by his son and he walked inside asking where his mother was.

Mr Rowland said: "The defendant was ripping up the sofa and was in possession of a ten inch knife.

"Both (teenagers) shut themselves in the bedroom and put their weight against the door."

Duncan Jones, defending, told the court how Harrison was 'in effect saying at the time she loves this sofa more than me'.

Harrison was arrested and interviewed at the police station.

Mr Rowland said: "The actions of the defendant had a marked effect on his family.

"It's fair to say it's had a significant impact on all those involved."

Harrison, of Cherry Tree Apartments, Evergreen Close, Hartlepool, admitted putting a person in fear of violence by harassment.

Defending, Mr Jones told the court that Harrison did not attend the property with a knife and it was something he picked up while he was there.

He said: "Mr Harrison works as a football consultant as self employed and he was with developing countries like China and the Middle East.

"When he does work he earns a substantial income and what he hopes to do with the money is support his family.

"It was an emotional, irrational reaction to the stress he was under at the time.

"It was hard for him to understand why his wife suddenly decided she wanted nothing more to do with him.

"He was upset and frustrated by what was happening he he picked up a knife there.

"He didn't go armed and don't go there with the intention to do any violence.

"It's plain this was entirely out of character for Mr Harrison."

Judge Stephen Earl told Harrison: "I've seen the level of damage you have caused as a result of your anger.

"But also you felt that she loved these things more than you and it was only way of taking out your frustration on something.

"Of course the level of fear that caused on other people is incalculable in many respects."

Judge Earl sentenced Harrison to nine months in custody suspended for 18 months.

He also ordered him to complete 175 hours of unpaid work and a 30 day rehabilitation activity requirement.

An indefinite restraining order has also been put in place ordering him not to contact his wife unless it is about financial issues.