Ex-council worker beat 75-year-old Sunderland pensioner with a whisky bottle in a lift after downing 16 cans of Stella

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A PENSIONER with hearing and sight problems was smashed across the head with a whisky bottle by a drunk who had downed 16 cans of beer.

In a senseless and unprovoked attack, Brian Grievson assaulted the 75-year-old before screaming “come on, come on” into the woman’s bleeding face.

As blood poured from her head, the OAP’s elderly friends desperately tried to help her to safety, away from staggering Grievson.

The 43-year-old former council worker has now been jailed for 12 months for the assault, which happened just metres from the home the pensioner has lived in for more than 23 years.

Still shaken from the brutal attack, Newcastle Crown Court heard the OAP fears for her safety and that of others living in Amble Tower in Lakeside Village, Sunderland.

The assault happened at 9.30am on Friday, June 21.

The elderly resident had been in a lift at her towerblock home with an 83-year-old friend when Grievson, swigging from a whisky bottle after an all-night drinking session, had got in.

As the three left the elevator, Grievson tripped his victim over, causing her to fall against a wall. Trying to get back to her feet, CCTV then shows him striking her across the head with the bottle.

A pool of blood was left on the floor at the towerblock as friends assisted the victim to a nearby hairdressers and called for help.

She was taken to hospital and treated for head and face wounds, as well as needing four stitches to a 5cm cut above her left eye.

Grievson, having consumed 16 cans of Stella Artois and half a bottle of whisky, was found by police collapsed in a drunken stupor on the floor of the towerblock where he also lived.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the attacker had no recollection of what had happened and was “deeply ashamed of his behaviour”.

Nicholas Lane, defending Grievson, said: “He wishes to apologise to the victim for what happened, although you can never justify or excuse this type of behaviour.

“Following the death of his father in 2008, his alcohol consumption has spiralled out of control, he has also accrued significant debts through gambling.”

Jailing Grievson, Judge Paul Sloan said he could not ignore the severity of the attack on such a vulnerable older person.

He added: “You left this woman dazed and in pain. She has been left concerned for her own safety.”