Ex-care worker hurled drunken abuse at 999 operators

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A FORMER carer hurled drunken abuse at 999 operators during a string of calls.

Charlotte Davies swore and harassed control room staff as she repeatedly contacted the police, a court heard, diverting resources away from genuine emergencies.

The 41-year-old was caught after officers grew increasingly concerned about her behaviour and began monitoring her calls.

Prosecutor Jeanette Smith said: “The main concern of the police was not the abuse, although this was, of course, a very serious matter, but the amount of time that was taken up dealing with her.

“While she was on the phone, they were not able to take other calls from the public.”

Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard how Davies’ 14 recorded calls, made over two-weeks, were part of her “bizarre behaviour”.

“She rang the police 14 times during the period her calls were monitored,” said Ms Smith. “The amount of police time wasted was put at one hour and 14 minutes.

“A police officer has logged these calls and provided a full account of all of them.

“She is drunk, not making any sense, and becomes abusive.

“She screams down the phone at the operator.

“She rings up to make spurious complaints and then does not make any sense.

“On many occasions, she says that she has been drinking, but does not want anyone patronising her.”

Susan Grey, mitigating, said Davies had lost her job as a care assistant and her home in Stotts Pastures, Success, Houghton, as she battled depression and struggled with her finances.

“This was very bizarre behaviour on Ms Davies’ part,” said Ms Grey. “She has resorted to drinking and under the influence of drink she has become abusive and made these phone calls.

“She has nobody else to talk to and she has become thoroughly depressed.

“She has had to talk to somebody and the only people who are likely to pick up the phone are the police.

“She has begged them to come out and help her, but she has been contacting the wrong agency for support.”

Davies, of Church Street, Bishop Auckland, admitted persistently making use of a public communications network to cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety, between April 3 and 17.

She was given an eight-week suspended jail sentence, a supervision order, and ordered to complete 100 hours unpaid work.

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