‘Evil partner knocked my tooth out and beat me black and blue’

Vanessa Elliott was beaten by her former partner.
Vanessa Elliott was beaten by her former partner.
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A MUM today told how her “evil” partner beat her black and blue after a brutal assault that left her fearing for her life.

Vanessa Elliott, of Washington, told how she was terrified and sobbing after suffering at the hands of partner Glen Chalmers.

Chalmers “flipped” when he saw Miss Elliott, 33, using her mobile phone to contact a friend.

The 52-year-old oil rig worker attacked her with his fists while repeatedly threatening ‘I will kill you’.

Speaking to the Echo, Miss Elliott said: “I lost a tooth and he beat me black and blue.

“He’s an evil, lying, horrible person who should have gone to jail for what he did to me.”

Despite Miss Elliott’s phone being smashed during Chalmers’ attack on her, she managed to dial 999 from the broken handset.

Miss Elliott, a mum-of-one, said: “I was absolutely terrified. I thought he would kill me.”

Chalmers, who has convictions for attacking partners in the past, admitted assault on Miss Elliott, who he been in a relationship with for three years, when he appeared before Newcastle Crown Court.

Judge Jeremy Freedman sentenced him to eight months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with programme requirements.

Speaking after the case, Miss Elliott described how Chalmers tried to control every aspect of her life.

She said: “We met after we were introduced through a friend of mine.

“But about six months in, he totally changed. He was jealous all the time.

“If I was talking to another man he would want to know why and what I was saying.

“He would try to control what I would wear, even how I styled my hair.

“Because he worked on the rigs, he would want me chatting to him on Facebook all night so he knew where I was; that I wasn’t going out.”

Vanessa told how she was “too scared” to leave the relationship.

Sentencing Chalmers, the judge said: “You suspected she was texting someone who she may have been having a relationship and in a fit of jealousy you took her phone and threw it around.

“You proceeded to assault her by punching her about the face, head and body.

“You said you were going to kill her and she believed that you might.”

The judge said Chalmers’ prison sentence could be suspended so he can receive help to deal with his behaviour.

Glen Gatland, defending, said Chalmers, now of Enfield Road, Stoke, has now moved away from the area and has a new partner.