Eight-year-old girl ‘devastated’ as mum is jailed

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A GRANDMOTHER has revealed how her bite assault daughter’s shock jail sentence has torn her family apart.

New mum Natalie Clark (pictured) was given a 12-month jail term after being found guilty of biting the neck of work colleague Lorraine Conlan.

Now Clark’s mum Joyce Garcia del la Rios has told the Echo how the sentence has separated her 29-year-old daughter’s two children.

Joyce, 56, who has been living near Benidorm in Spain for 16 years and is married to a local man, has not even seen her new grandchild, Harley.

After Clark was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court, a friend agreed to care for the nine-week-old boy.

Clark’s daughter Georgia, eight, is being looked after by her father.

Joyce, a bingo caller, was due to fly to the UK at the end of June so she could visit her family and meet Harley for the first time.

Speaking to the Echo from Spain, she said: “Georgia is devastated. I was talking to her on the internet last night, on Facebook. She said her mam was hysterical.

“I could not take Georgia over here as she would miss school, but I could have Harley.”

The court heard there was bad feeling between the defendant and her victim, who both worked at 2Touch in Doxford Park and had a mutual ex-boyfriend.

Clark and Miss Conlan, 24, were part of a group which won tickets to a Rihanna gig at the Metro Radio Arena.

However, as they travelled back to Sunderland in a taxi, an argument broke out.

Miss Conlan, from Castletown, was left with a scar after Clark sunk her teeth into her neck.

Clark denied assault causing actual bodily harm but was found guilty after a trial.

Joyce said: “When she told me about this competition and that Lorraine was going, I told her not to go.

“When my son Isaac rang and said she had got 12 months, I just burst out crying.”

And Joyce, who is married to Paco, was angry after hearing how a shoplifter who bit a store manager was given an 18-month suspended sentence by a judge at Durham Crown Court.

The story was printed in the Echo on the same day as Clark’s taxi ride attack.

“That is wrong. That is disgusting. It is wrong to bite anyone; I know that, but he should have got the 12 months as he is a thief.

“I don’t believe this justice system.

“She is going to put in an appeal to the sentence and hopefully get a tag.”

Newcastle Crown Court confirmed no formal appeal has yet been lodged.

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