Eerie 'help me' graffiti sprayed across Sunderland's oldest church

'Help me' graffiti sprayed on Saint Peter's Church
'Help me' graffiti sprayed on Saint Peter's Church
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More graffiti which spells the words 'help me' has been sprayed on Sunderland's oldest church - as police condemn the criminal damage as 'totally unacceptable'.

Volunteers at the church have now called for anyone who may need help to come in and speak to them - rather than defacing the stone walls.

'Help me' graffiti.

'Help me' graffiti.

Black and yellow graffiti was sprayed on St Peter's Church, in Monkwearmouth, last week - around the same time the same words were scrawled across Sunderland Spiritualist Church.
Anne Kemp, who runs the cafe at the church, said: "The words have been sprayed on the side of the main door and on the wall further down.

"If someone who needed help came in to see us rather than vandalising the church we'd do what we could to help them.

"It's disrespectful and it shouldn't be happening. Whoever is doing it if they want help, should come in and ask for it.

"I'm not sure what we could do for them but I'm sure someone would talk to them."

'Help' written in yellow on the church wall

'Help' written in yellow on the church wall

The church, which is the oldest in Sunderland, opened in 674 AD and was one of the first stone church's built in the UK with architecture dating back to the seventh century.

Readers have condemned the actions of the vandal or vandals who have targeted churches in Sunderland.

The handwriting has also been compared to similar graffiti which was written on houses in Plains Farm in Feburary.

It sparked a criminal damage inquiry by police after the words 'help me' and 'help me God' were written on several homes by a vandal.

Northumbria Police spokesperson, said: “Intentional acts of criminal damage are totally unacceptable and we will look to take appropriate action against anybody found responsible.

“We would always encourage victims of crime to come forward and report incidents to police.

"Anybody with information regarding any of the recent reports of graffiti are asked to call 101.”