Durham prison officer awarded for bravery after broken bottle attack

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A PRISON officer who saved his colleague’s life by holding back an inmate who launched an attack with a broken bottle has been honoured.

Neil Walker rushed to the aid of Alison Lewis after he heard her scream, in Durham’s high security Frankland jail, and saw the landing covered in blood.

Triple murderer Kevan Thakrar was chasing her down the corridor when Mr Walker confronted him, pushing him backwards by the neck and pinning him to the floor.

The guard, who was not wearing body armour and had no chance to withdraw his baton, was slashed a number of times and was stabbed in the face, abdomen and the back of the head.

The incident, in March 2010, left him with scars and a debilitating back injury. Ms Lewis and fellow officer Craig Wylde, from Seaham, were also hurt.

Mr Walker has now been presented with the Queen’s Gallantry Medal for his “enormous courage,” and for restraining Thakrar on his own until others arrived.

Thakrar, who is serving a 35-year term, admitted lashing out but was controversially cleared of attempted murder.