Durham driver jailed for lying to court

Wayne Dickinson
Wayne Dickinson
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A DURHAM man has been jailed after lying to magistrates to avoid a driving ban.

Wayne Dickinson, of Broomside Lane, Belmont, told a court that he needed his licence to transport a person who was suffering from a terminal illness.

The magistrates, in Bedlington, Northumberland, accepted his reasons and allowed the 39-year-old to keep his licence despite being convicted of driving offences in February.

However, neighbourhood officers investigated his claims and found them to be false.

He appeared before Newcastle Crown Court on Wednesday where he pleaded guilty to perjury and was jailed for four months.

Dickinson was also ordered to pay a £80 victim’s surcharge.

Inspector Lisa Musgrove, of the Houghton Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “This case clearly shows that lying while in court has serious repercussions. This individual clearly thought he could get away with telling lies in order to retain his driving licence. He has since found out that the consequences of such actions have led him to lose his liberty.”