Dumped rubbish causes a stink in Sunderland streets

Rubbish dumped in the back lane behind Chester Road
Rubbish dumped in the back lane behind Chester Road
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FAMILIES have hit out after rubbish was dumped in their back lanes.

People living around the Chester Road area of Sunderland said bin liners filled with empty food containers, tins and used nappies were being left out in the lane as well as furniture and bins full of raw meat.

Homeowners have complained to council bosses who have sent officers to investigate.

But residents claimed the problem was getting worse with some families stopping their children from playing outside.

Edith Fletcher, 58, who has lived in Co-Operative terrace for 15 years, said: “It is dangerous. A couple of times it has been set fire to.

“It’s never been this bad and it is getting worse.

“I’ve emailed the council a couple of times but I don’t think anything can be done to stop it.”

A 31-year-old mother of three, of Sydenham Terrace, who didn’t want to be named, said she no longer lets her children to play in the back lanes.

“I don’t let my children play out there at all,” she said. “There’s is so much dog muck left out there, and that’s one of the main reasons.

“There’s all sorts of stuff being ditched, and we have even had it thrown over the wall into our back yard.”

Grandmother Joan Foster, 63, of Co-operative Terrace, whose daughter took photos of the dumped rubbish, said the problem has escalated over the last few months.

“There’s been raw meat left in the bins, and bins blocking the back lane,” she said.

“The shops all share the lane and it is full of their rubbish.

“A lorry couldn’t get through to get up the lane before because of all bins, and crashed into the wall.

“I’ve seen rats which I never used to, and the seagulls get into it. In the warm weather it stinks.”

Gary Brown, who runs Hutchinson’s Discount Wholesale, on Chester Road, said environmental health reported the rubbish left in bin liners was household waste – not retail.

“People think that because it gets left against our back wall it is our rubbish,” he said.

“But when environmental health looked at it, they said it was all household waste – pizza boxes and tins and things.

“It has been cleared up, and hopefully it will stay that way.”

Coun James Blackburn, responsible for city services at Sunderland City Council, said: “We work hard to keep our streets clean and safe for residents and do our utmost to respond quickly and effectively to any serious concerns raised. “In this instance officers have been investigating reports of fly-tipping and overfilled bins in the area of Chester Road, Cleveland Road and Co-Operative Terrace.

“These issues have already been noted by the Council and an enforcement officer is investigating for evidence so that the necessary action can be taken.”

To report a repeated issue of rubbish dumping, call 0191 520 5550.