Dumped boyfriend’s slash attack on ex’s home

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A JILTED boyfriend went on a knife rampage at his ex’s home and threatened her while her children slept in bed.

Paul Stuart Johnson pleaded guilty to assaulting the woman and causing £300 damage to her clothes and other property.

He handed himself in to police after missing a hearing at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court.

His solicitor, Gavin Sword, said Johnson had spent a night in the cells and confessed he had forgotten the date of his court appearance.

Paul Anderson, prosecuting, said the couple broke up eight months before Johnson, 32, turned up at her house at about midnight on July 8.

He said: “She opened the kitchen window and he pulled it further open and climbed in.

“He took a knife from the utility shelf and went around the house, asking if she was seeing someone. He grabbed her and called her a ‘slag’. She was very frightened.”

Johnson, of Thornton Court, Glebe, Washington, slashed her curtains and plunged the knife into a wall, before his victim eventually calmed him down and they went to bed.

The next morning, he apologised and she persuaded him to leave before her children woke up.

Mr Anderson added that she had suffered scratches to her back and throat, and bruises on her chest in the attack.

Johnson was arrested after the victim reported her former boyfriend to police.

On the night of the assault, he had been drinking and taking amphetamine, before seeing text messages suggesting she had been with another man.

Gavin Sword, defending Johnson, said he pleaded guilty to the criminal damage offence straight away, and later admitted assaulting his ex and was “remorseful” for his actions.

“This relationship seems to be rather strange in that it was over but the parties were still seeing each other from time to time,” he told the court. “I have to be careful how I put this, but this was not completely one-sided.

“I have seen the injuries he had and his mobile was smashed and in retaliation, he then smashed her phone.

“But I don’t seek to blame the injured party in any way.”

Magistrates imposed a 12-month community order with a six-month drug rehabilitation requirement.

Johnson was also ordered to pay £325 compensation to his victim and was slapped with a 12-month restraining order, banning him from contacting her.