Drunken menace caused 'pandemonium' with spanner attack

Edwin Loughlin
Edwin Loughlin

A drunken menace who caused “pandemonium” in the street while armed with a heavy-duty wrench has been put behind bars

Edwin Loughlin chased and abused a group of workmen in Hetton le Hole while claiming he was a “rapper” then caused damage to a Mercedes car and a van.

When the 23-year-old was taken to a police station, he smeared blood on the walls and floor of his cell.

Prosecutor Michael Bunch told Newcastle Crown Court Loughlin had approached a house at Hetton le Hole in January while it was undergoing renovation and

targeted the workmen who were there.

Mr Bunch said: “He was telling the men he had been to prison and he was a rapper.”

The court heard it was after Loughlin asked the men to smell his fingers, which appeared dirty, that he snapped.

Mr Bunch said: “He produced a heavy duty wrench from the pocket of his tracksuit bottoms and ran towards them.”

The court heard while the men moved out of Loughlin’s way, he shouted “who wants it first?”

Loughlin used the weapon to damage the two vehicles outside the house as the workmen were leaving.

He then smashed a window and got inside the property the men had been working on before he was overpowered by two passers by.

Mr Bunch added: "The police attended and he was aggressive towards them, kicking with both legs, shouting, screaming and shouting. He was violent, spitting, throwing things at them, swearing at them."

The court heard Loughlin, who had cut himself on the smashed window, was taken to hospital and then the police station.

Mr Bunch added: "While in custody, he splattered blood around on the walls and floor of the cell, which required a substantial amount of effort to clean."

The court heard a witness who saw the incident in the street said she had been "very scared" by it.

Loughlin, of no fixed address, admitted four charges of criminal damage, possession of an offensive weapon and threatening behaviour.

Judge Amanda Rippon jailed Loughlin, who she said was "completely drunk, utterly inebriated", for 12 months.

The judge told him: "Pandemonium was caused. You have to do something to control yourself."

Jamie Adams, defending, said Loughlin has a troubled background but is an "articulate young man, very thoughful" when he is sober.