Drunken man sparked fight at Sunderland Royal Hospital A&E

A man sparked a mid-morning fight in an accident and emergency unit while drunk in what has been termed a “cry for help”.

By Gareth Crickmer
Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 6:21 am

James Meggison’s behaviour led to a member of the public intervening at Sunderland Royal Hospital on Saturday, January 4, a court heard.

Magistrates in South Tyneside heard Meggison, 24, was in A&E at 11am and being argumentative.

Prosecutor Lee Poppett said: “There was a report of an incident involving two males who were fighting.

South Tyneside Magistrates Court.

“Police arrived and spoke to staff and Mr Meggison has been detained. He had been aggressive and argumentative with members of the public.”

Mr Poppett said one of those at the scene had intervened, which led to the fight.

Meggison was cautioned by police for being drunk and disorderly, a charge he admitted when he appeared at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard Meggison has four previous convictions for six offences but none similar to his latest crime or since 2015.

Michael Robinson, defending, said Meggison had mental health issues and suffered from anxiety and depression and had attempted suicide by taking paracetamol.

He added: “He has some serious mental health issues. He’s ended up in accident and emergency at 11 in the morning intoxicated. He’s ended up in a fight with somebody.

“It could be seen as a cry for help, but by his actions he was causing concern for members of the public. He was obstructive and truculent.”

Mr Robinson said, with police in attendance: “He was asking to leave the grounds and made one last quip that he would throw himself off the nearest bridge.”

He said Meggison, who lives with his mother, now had a dog and was planning to move to live with his father in Cullercoats, North Tyneside, and take walks on the beach to help him relax.

And he added: “He’s getting help for his mental health issues and seems to be on the mend. He hasn’t had a drink since the incident in the hospital.”

Meggison, of Millfield Avenue, Kenton, Newcastle, was fined £40 and told to pay £85 court costs and a £32 victim surcharge.