Drunk women threw bricks at Indian takeaway in Easington Lane race attack

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TWO drunk women hurled vile racist abuse before smashing the windows of an Indian takeaway, causing hundreds of pounds of damage.

Friends Nichola Burney, 23, and Lyndzee Francis, 32, had been on an all-day drinking session in Houghton and Shiney Row on March 1 before ending up in Easington 

Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard the pair then went into Milan Tandoori in High Street, intending to buy a can of coke, but both fell asleep.

Francis then dropped something on the floor of the shop, and when she bent down to pick it up, an area of her body became exposed.

The court was told a member of staff then allegedly made a comment about wanting to do something to that part of her body, which the women took offence to. It was then that Burney and Francis began to shout and swear at three Asian staff at the takeaway, racially abusing them and throwing menus around the shop.

They were asked to leave, but as they were walking away, one of the staff members came outside and threw an egg, which hit Burney on the back of the head. Part of the egg also ended up on Francis’s jacket.

Both women went to a nearby wasteground and picked up bricks before returning to Milan Tandoori and throwing them at two windows and the glass front door of the shop, causing £430 of damage.

They were arrested by police officers at the scene and later charged.

Both women, who are unemployed, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated criminal damage. George Tilley, defending, said Burney, of Gertrude Street, and Francis, of Grasswell Terrace, both Houghton, regretted what they did.

“The comments that were made were disgusting to say the least,” said Mr Tilley.

“They were angry and agitated by what had taken place.

“They had had an awful lot of drink, although that is no excuse.

“It was a relatively short incident, and there has been no continuation of that behaviour since then.”

The hearing was then adjourned so that the Probation Service could prepare reports on both defendants.

Chairman of the bench Keith Emmerson granted Burney and Francis unconditional bail.

They will be sentenced on Tuesday, August 13.