Drunk thief caught when he ran into the side of a bus

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A DRUNK who stole a plant pot was caught after he ran into a bus.

Anthony Tumilty stole the pot from the Gentoo housing office in Fawcett Street, Sunderland, the city’s magistrates’ court heard.

The court was told that the 42-year-old asked staff if he could use the toilet, but when told it was not for the public, he picked up a plant pot and ran off along Fawcett Street.

He dropped the pot when he ran into the side of a bus.

The court heard Tumilty also stole jeans valued at £360 from the Blue Ink clothes store in The Bridges shopping centre.

Tumilty, 42, of Torrens Road, Thorney Close, admitted two charges of theft in September and October of this year.

The court heard Tumilty does not qualify for a drink rehabilitation course because he has not committed an offence of violence.

He was sentenced to a 12-month supervision order, with a condition that he take part in a building skills for recovery programme. Tumilty was ordered to pay £100 compensation to the clothes store.