Drunk teenager punched police officer after being kicked out of shopping centre

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A DRUNK teenager punched a police officer in the head three times after he was kicked out of a shopping centre by security staff.

Aron Graham took his shirt off and squared up to guards after his friends were ejected from The Galleries in Washington on Sunday, November 3, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Once outside, Graham, 18, described as one of the “ring-leaders” of the group, started jumping up and down, acting in a “highly agitated manner”, prosecutor Jeanette Smith said.

After the first security guard was joined by three colleagues, Graham removed his top and jumped around swinging punches, the court was told.

When police arrived, an officer approached Graham.

Mrs Smith said: “He was drunk, extremely agitated and refused to calm down.”

Graham was arrested after telling police he would kill the guard unless he came back outside. Mrs Smith said: “He threw three punches which connected with the officer’s head. He had to be assisted by other officers who detained Aron on the floor.”

The officer suffered soreness to the head and headaches after the assault.

The court heard that while Graham was on bail, he was seen drunk behind the New Tavern pub in Concord on January 3 and told to go home.

When the defendant, who was abusive to police, was still there at 11.10pm, he was given a direction to leave notice. But at 11.30pm, having failed to do so, he became abusive towards the same officer he had assaulted during The Galleries incident and was arrested.

Graham, of Morland Avenue, Columbia, admitted using threatening behaviour and assaulting a police officer as well as being drunk and disorderly in relation to the second incident.

Defence solicitor Philippa Wylie said Graham, who is in his second year at Sunderland College studying electrical engineering, has a “troubled” background.

“Alcohol has played its part in all of these offences,” she said. “He immediately admitted his involvement and expressed his disgust at his behaviour when he viewed the CCTV, having sobered up in the cold light of day.”

Miss Wylie added that the actions of the first security guard “had inflamed the situation” when he threw the group out.

“He accepts he has assaulted the Pc in the way that he did and he is very sorry and remorseful for his actions,” she said. “The drunk and disorderly matter speaks for itself. He was inebriated at the time. It was the same Pc, which didn’t help matters.”

 Graham was given a youth rehabilitation order with 12 months’ supervision and told to complete 70 hours’ unpaid work. He must also pay £15 compensation to the officer.