Drunk’s Christmas brick attack on Sunderland takeaway

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A DISGRUNTLED customer threw a brick through a pizza shop window on Christmas Day.

Craig Horn caused £300 of damage to Pizza Hot in Sunderland, a court heard.

The 18-year-old, of Kingsland Square, Downhill in Sunderland, was caught by staff from the shop after he tried to run away, and held until police arrived.

Prosecutor Paul Doney told Sunderland Magistrates’ Court that officers were called to the takeaway in Keighley Avenue at 11pm on December 25, after a member of public rang 999 to say they were concerned for a man.

Mr Doney added: “He had been drinking on the day in question and because of an earlier argument between staff at the takeway with himself a few weeks earlier, he picked up the brick as he walked past the takeaway and smashed the window.”

The court heard that Horn was already subject to a conditional discharge for being drunk and disorderly.

Defending Horn, Anna Metcalfe said the shopkeeper had been arrested after taking justice into his own hands.

“Mr Horn states that a few weeks earlier, he had a verbal altercation with staff over prices of goods and how they fluctuated,” she said.

“He was intoxicated at the time and made the foolish decision to smash the window as he walked past.”

Magistrates ordered Horn pay a £110 fine, £20 victim surcharge and £300 compensation to the takeaway owner, as well as contribution towards court costs of £20.