Drunk passenger sparked police stand-off after BMW crash in Sunderland

David Trott
David Trott

A drunk passenger who returned to a crash scene armed with weapons and sparked a stand-off with police after a road accident has been put behind bars.

David Trott had "walked away" after his pal crashed his BMW into another car in Sunderland but returned moments later, carrying a piece of concrete in one hand and a plank of wood in the other, while members of the public watched in shock.

Newcastle Crown Court heard there was a ten-minute confrontation with police at the crash site, where he claimed he had wanted to collect property from the car he had been in, before the 31-year-old eventually dropped the weapons and was arrested.

Prosecutor Neil Pallister told the court the driver of the BMW Trott had been passenger in was arrested after the smash on November 10.

Trott initially left the vicinity without problem but Mr Pallister added: "He was seen by officers who were still at the scene walking directly towards the officers.

"He was seen to be carrying either a large stone or piece of block paving in his left hand and what was described as a plank of wood, one metre in length, which had nails sticking out of it, in his right hand.

"He was walking directly towards the officers with those two weapons.

"The officers drew tasers and warned the defendant, telling him to drop the items, however, he refused.

"Effectively there was a stand-off between him and the officers for about ten minutes."

The court heard at times during the confrontation, which was captured on police body cameras, Trott pointed the plank in the direction of the officers but maintained a distance between him and them.

The officers made repeated requests for Trott to drop the weapons but he refused until the end of the stand-off.

Trott was arrested and told police he had feared by tasered by the police if he re-approached after the crash so had armed himself.

Mr Pallister added: "He did accept he had seen shock on the faces of members of the public who were watching what was going on and accepted he was the aggressive person during the incident."

Trott, of Freesia Gardens, Sunderland, who was on a suspended sentence at the time, admitted two charges of having an offensive weapon.

Judge Penny Moreland sentenced him to a total of 15 months behind bars.

Judge Moreland told him: "I have seen the body-worn camera video of your conduct during the incident..

"You were gesticulating with the plank towards the police officers and there was what has been accurately described as a stand-off between you and them, lasting a number of minutes."

Glen Gatland, defending, said Trott had broken ribs, from an unrelated accident, at the time of the crash and was worried he would be taken to the ground and caused further injury if he was arrested.

Mr Gatland said: "He picked up the wood and the brick to make sure he wasn't arrested."

Mr Gatland said Trott had been "retreating from the police" during the stand-off but added: "He was pointing the piece of wood to where the accident had happened and saying to police that he wanted his telephone and his bank cards out of the crashed car."

Mr Gatland said Trott has mental health problems and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder following the death of his brother but has set up a charity to help men who have problems with drugs.

Mr Gatland said Trott, who has completed courses in custody, had simply accepted a lift from a friend that day, who then crashed his car and got arrested and added: "He didn't go out deliberately to commit an offence."