Drunk man pushed girlfriend in front of car

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A WOMAN screamed in fear as she was pushed into the path of an oncoming car by her drunken boyfriend when he lost his temper after a night out.

The woman, who had just escaped a violent marriage, had met Kevin McKenzie on an internet dating site six months prior to the terrifying attack last month.

Two days before his 50th birthday, the pair had been for a night out in Durham before getting the last bus to McKenzie’s home town of Houghton, Sunderland magistrates heard.

The pair continued drinking at the Britannia Inn, in Newbottle Street, leaving shortly after midnight.

McKenzie, described as “nasty and aggressive”, when he gets drunk, launched the attack as they walked towards his home in Bernard Street, Fence Houses, prosecutor Glenda Beck said.

She was walking in front of McKenzie, when he pushed her from behind, sending her stumbling forward on her high heels.

McKenzie then pushed the woman off her feet, before picking up her shoes and throwing them into a nearby garden.

“He sort of lunged at me, trying to take my mobile phone off me,” she said in her police statement.

“He pushed me over, causing me to fall head-first into the road.

“I saw a car coming towards me – I screamed in fear – the car had to swerve around me to avoid hitting me.”

The court was told McKenzie then dragged the woman away from the road and bundled her into his house. He dragged her upstairs, and in doing so she caught her bracelet on the door frame, ripping it off.

Once upstairs, the woman was begging for her phone so that she could ask her sister to collect her. She then told him she had to walk her dog, but he told her she would never leave.

Having ripped his shirt off in a rage, McKenzie picked up a chair and threw it to the floor. McKenzie got into bed in the spare room and seemed to calm down, the court heard.

The woman seized the opportunity to go through his jacket pocket, retrieving her phone, before leaving the house with her dog.

The driver of the car that had almost hit her, had already called police out of concern for her safety.

As officers stopped to speak to the victim, McKenzie came outside shouting and was arrested.

“I was very frightened during this incident,” the woman said in a victim statement.

“I had recently got out of a violent marriage which Kevin knows so I’m very upset by this incident.”

McKenzie pleaded guilty to assault. He declined an offer to see the duty solicitor, despite being warned he could go to prison.

“I did push her,” he said. “I don’t remember, but I accept it.”

The bench adjourned sentencing until October 1, to allow a report to be prepared by the probation service.