Drunk lashed out at health worker in Sunderland A&E

Picture: PA
Picture: PA
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A drunk lashed out at a healthcare worker who tried to wake him up to discharge him from hospital, before assaulting a security guard.

Clinton Morrison, 22, is used to coming round from drink-induced unconsciousness in all manner of strange places, Sunderland magistrates heard.

But on October 9, he was woken by a member of staff at Sunderland Royal Hospital’s A&E department, leading to an assault.

“Mr Morrison has a number of problems in relation to alcohol, as a result of which he ended up at Sunderland Royal Hospital A&E at 4am,” prosecutor Paul Anderson said.

“Mr Morrison is in a state of intoxication and he is shaken by one of the hospital healthcare assistants in order to wake him up, saying ‘we’ve kept you under observation, everything is fine, now you can go’.

“When he tries to wake the defendant up, the defendant is aggressive and abusive and starts swinging punches.”

Mr Anderson said two security officers, one of whom was Colin Boyd, then arrived to escort Morrison out of the hospital.

“As they go to take hold of him, he pulls back his arm and a blow is struck to Mr Boyd,” Mr Anderson said. “That causes some redness and soreness. Morrison is then arrested by police, telling them: “About time”.

“In his police interview he says he can’t even remember being in hospital, but says that ‘if the witnesses say this is what happened then that’s what happened and I’m sorry about that’.”

He then tells officers: “I remember being on the drink in Hendon, the next thing I know is I wake up in the cells.”

Morrison, of Toward Road, Hendon, admitted assault.

Susan Grey, defending, said Morrison has problems with alcohol, drugs, his mental health and learning difficulties.

“There has been many times he has woken up in the street and in other, less salubrious places than a hospital, and has had to look after himself immediately, “ she said.

Morrison will be assessed for an alcohol treatment plan, before being sentenced on November 2.