Drunk glassed woman in pub

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A DRUNKEN reveller smashed a glass into another woman’s face after a row over a spilt drink.

Krystal Boyes hurled the glass at Laura Akers, leaving her terrified and bleeding after the confrontation in the Glass Spider pub in Sunderland.

The 26-year-old was thrown out by bouncers, then was arrested by police.

She later pleaded guilty to assault, claiming she was so drunk she could remember nothing of the vicious attack, which left her victim with a one centimetre cut above her eye.

Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard how Miss Akers was too scared to go out following the assault on April 30.

Prosecutor Rachael Dodsworth told JPs how the attack started after the victim knocked over a drink in Green Terrace bar.

Boyes, of Edward Burdis Street, Southwick, began shouting at her then hurled the glass, despite Miss Akers apologising and offering to buy her a drink.

Mrs Dodsworth said: “It hit her just below the eyebrow.

“She went into the toilets after wiping the blood off her eye and one of the door staff gave her first aid.

“She said in a victim personal statement: ‘I would like to say this incident has made me very scared and very worried about people, especially on nights out and I probably won’t go out for a while.

“‘I will probably have a scar where I have been cut.’”

Representing Boyes, Orla Davey said her client was lucky not to be facing a more serious charge.

Miss Davey said: “She went out on that evening and took an awful lot to drink on board and was unable to say what her actions were.

“She is a very lucky girl that she stands here before you on a section 39 assault and there was not a hell of a lot more harm done to the injured party.”

Magistrates also heard Boyes was on a suspended sentence imposed by Newcastle Crown Court for a separate offence.

The case was passed to the crown court for sentencing.

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