Drunk beautician blamed mystery man for lamppost smash

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A DRUNK beautician blamed a man she knew only as “Deano” for getting behind the wheel of her car and crashing it into a lamppost.

Rachel Douglas, 29, had invited three random men into her home to drink wine after she bumped into them while walking her dog at 7pm on January 24, Sunderland magistrates heard.

She explained that it all started when she took her dog for a walk.

Prosecutor Glenda Beck

Seven hours later her 53-reg Nissan Micra was found abandoned, after hitting a lamppost in Market Crescent, New Herrington.

“At 2am on January 25, police were informed of a road traffic collision involving a Nissan Micra which had crashed across the carriageway, hitting a telegraph pole,” prosecutor Glenda Beck said.

“A male and female had left the scene.

“Miss Douglas was the registered keeper of the vehicle and was spoken to by the police.

“She explained that it all started when she took her dog for a walk.

“She came home and was spoken to by three males in the street, who said they were interested in renting a property.

“She invited them into her house for a drink.

“She said she had never met them before, but one of them was called Deano. They consumed six bottles of wine between them.”

The court heard how Douglas asked two of the men to leave before asking “Deano” to drive her car to a shop to get some more alcohol as she sat in the passenger’s seat.

“The vehicle then crashed and she said she didn’t know any other details regarding the male driver,” Ms Beck added.

“She had never met him before and only knew he was called Deano and had been in the army.”

Douglas, of Hill street, Silksworth, admitted a charge of having no insurance.

She pleaded not guilty to failing to give information about the driver of a vehicle, while a charge of failing to stop after a road accident was withdrawn by the CPS.

Anna Haq, defending Douglas, a mobile beautician, said: “She was extremely intoxicated and blew 126 on the Camic machine.

“She was aware she was too intoxicated to drive so she asked this other person to drive the vehicle. There has been an accident. She accepts it was foolish.”

Douglas was fined £110, with £85 and a £20 surcharge. She was also given six points on her licence.