Drug dealer caught with horse tranquillisers

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Court News
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A DEALER of horse tranquilliser ketamine appeared in court after being found with a stash of the drug in a car stopped by police.

Liam Walshaw, 21, also had a quantity of cocaine and almost £400 of cash when he was caught, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Prosecutor Lee Poppett said police had stopped a car with five people in, after it was seen jumping a red light on December 14.

Walshaw was searched by officers, who found 63 bags of ketamine weighing a total of 41.1g and one bag of cocaine weighing just over half a gram.

He was found to have £399 in cash and a number of text messages on his phone, referring to drugs and cash transaction numbers and weight management.

“He accepts during the course of his interview that he supplied the ketamine within his own social circle of friends,” Mr Poppett said.

“In one of the messages, Mr Walshaw describes having ‘70 bags of kez to get rid of’. It is street-level dealing. The messages on his phone suggests he is supplying to friends.”

Walshaw, of Neale Street, Fulwell, admitted possession ketamine with intend to supply and simple possession of cocaine.

Tom Morgan, defending, said: “This is street-level possession with intent to supply. The defendant had a quantity of drugs, but there is no reference within the messages to financial gain.”

Magistrates decided their sentencing powers were insufficient and committed the case to Newcastle Crown Court, where it will be heard during the week of February 23.