Driver has six-month ban lifted

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A DRIVER who served only six weeks of a six-month driving ban is back on the roads.

Michael Lee Claughan was seen talking on his mobile phone while not wearing a seatbelt as he drove along the A693 near Stanley on the evening of March 27.

Claughan, from Edenfields, near Chester-le-Street, admitted the charges in court on July 12 and was fined £74 with £100 costs and given three points on his licence.

That led to a six-month ban as he already had nine points from previous incidents.

He appealed the disqualification at Durham Crown Court on the grounds of “exceptional hardship”, with his barrister, Glenn Gatland, saying his job depended on it.

Mr Gatland also said Claughan needs to drive his children to school every day as his wife cannot drive.

Judge John Evans upheld the appeal.