Driver caught speeding at 94mph past Sunderland school

Speed cameras on Ryhope Road, outside Southmoor School Sunderland.
Speed cameras on Ryhope Road, outside Southmoor School Sunderland.
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A DRIVER was caught driving at 94mph past a Sunderland school.

The motorist was snapped as he shot past Southmoor School in Ryhope Road driving at 64mph over the 30mph speed limit.

The stupid and dangerous offence was revealed in an investigation into Britain’s worst speeding drivers by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The worrying findings showed drivers caught travelling at shocking speeds, with the worst clocked at 146mph on the M25 in Kent.

Other drivers caught travelling at potentially deadly speeds in Wearside included one motorist speeding at 81mph in a 50mph zone on the A690 at West Rainton.

Another was caught doing 90mph on the A167 in Chester-le-Street between Hermitage and Plawsorth.

Sarah Sillars, IAM chief executive officer, said: “It is disheartening to say the least that some road users are showing such disregard for the safety of all other road users – pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and other drivers.

She added: “All these individuals are playing with their own lives and others – they are all accidents waiting to happen and it requires a major shift in the attitudes of these people to think about safety.”

Three drivers in the North East were caught doing more than 100mph.

The worst offender caught by Northumbria Police was snapped at 103mph in a 50mph zone on the A1 Western Bypass.

Two drivers were also caught doing three-figure speeds – one at 111mph and one at 106mph – on the A66 at Galley Bank in Barnard Castle, County Durham.

Ms Sillars said: “At that speed it is simply impossible to react to anything that might happen in front of you.

“It is also impossible to handle corners, gradients, street furniture and junctions with any effectiveness.”

The North East’s worst speeders:

Northumbria Police

103mph (50mph zone), A1 Western Bypass

97mph (70mph zone), A1 Berwick/B6461 Paxton

96mph (30mph), B1288 Leam Lane East A195

94mph (30mph), Ryhope Road (outside Soutmoor School)

Durham Police

111mph (70mph zone), A66 Galley Bank, Barnard Castle

106mph (70mph zone), A66 Galley Bank, Barnard Castle

90mph (50mph zone), A167 Hermitage to Plawsworth, Chester-le-Street

81mph (50mph zone), A690 West Rainton