Doctor touched girls’ bottoms

Niaz Ahmed.
Niaz Ahmed.
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A DOCTOR has admitted touching two teenage girls’ bottoms in an attempt to be “one of the crowd”.

Anaesthetist Niaz Ahmed told jurors he now realises it was a “foolish” thing to have done, but it was intended as a “playful gesture” without sexual motive.

The 53-year-old, of Broadlands, Cleadon, is on trial at Newcastle Crown Court facing charges of sexual assault on a 16-year-old and engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year-old.

Prosecutors claim the married medic, who has two children, had boasted about the size of his manhood and made thrusting movements with his pelvis while making sexual suggestions to the youngsters at a fireworks display in South Shields last November.

He is then claimed to carried out the sex assaults by simulating intercourse with one girl and touching the upper leg of another.

While giving evidence from the witness box yesterday, Ahmed, who worked at South Tyneside District Hospital in South Shields for 10 years, admitted he had got into a conversation with the two girls and their friends.

He said the group turned the conversation sexual, which made him “very uncomfortable”, but accepted he did answer their questions about his personal life.

The doctor claimed it was during the conversation some of the boys in the group had said the two alleged victims liked having their bottoms touched.

Ahmed told the court: “I asked the girls ‘is that what you like’, in a jovial way, and they said ‘yes that’s what we like’.

“At the very end, yes, I just lightly touched one girl’s bottom then she moved away saying no.

“Almost in quick succession I touched the second girl’s bottom and she also moved away.”

Ahmed was asked by his barrister Tom Moran how he felt now about the decision to touch the girls’ bottoms.

He replied: “In retrospect, with the benefit of hindsight and 20/20 vision associated with it, I think it was a foolish thing to have done.

“It is a result of an inadequate attempt to be one of the crowd. I fit in very poorly and unsuccessfully.

“The fact remains there is no sexual intent in all of this.

“It was purely, at best, a playful gesture.”


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