Devout Christian performed sex act outside Sunderland funeral parlour

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A devout Christian was caught by police performing a sex act outside a funeral parlour after a night out with his new work colleagues.

Gavin Harrison’s actions were seen by two officers in plain clothes as he sat on a bench outside the John Duckworth funeral business in North Hylton Road at 2am on July 5, Sunderland magistrates heard.

He’s discussed this with his pastor, so he has that spiritual guidance going on.

Defence solicitor Ian Jordan

The court heard he had exposed himself and, when approached by police, ran away, prosecutor Glenda Beck said.

He was caught after a brief chase, after falling over.

“It was apparent that he had been drinking, but he was coherent,” Ms Beck said.

“He had scrape marks on his hands and arms and was bleeding.”

He later told police he had been to a work’s event and had been dropped off in Wessington Way at 1.30am.

“He sat down on the bench outside the funeral directors and for, some reason, he did what he did. He agreed that it was a disgusting act.”

Harrison, 22, of Redesdale Road, Red House, admitted committing an act outraging public decency. In 2011, he was cautioned for a similar matter.

Ian Jordan,defending, said: “He works in telesales and he drank to excess because it was the first time out with work.

“Why he did what he did, he doesn’t know. He still has grazes on his hands. He was dealt a bit of rough justice, if you will.”

Mr Jordan said Harrison has not told his mother about the incident and as a member of the Pentecostal Church, gives away 10% of his wage.

He added: “He’s discussed this with his pastor, so he has that spiritual guidance going on.”

He was given a one-year conditional discharge with £280 costs to pay.