Defence calls prosecution ‘deplorable’ at Pc Blakelock trial

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A SOLICITOR defending the man accused of murdering Sunderland officer Pc Keith Blakelock has described the prosecution as “deplorable”.

Nicky Jacobs, 45, is standing trial accused of killing Pc Blakelock in a mob attack in Tottenham, North London, in October 1985.

His lawyer, Courtenay Griffiths QC, launched an attack on the decision to charge his client years after the evidence against him was gathered.

He told the Old Bailey jury: “If the evidence really suggested this man, Nicky Jacobs, has a case to answer, I have to repeat the question – Why has it taken so long to bring it?

“Do the prosecution really believe in the case they have brought?

“Otherwise, why take so long because, to our minds, there are a great deal of deplorable aspects of this case but the most deplorable thing is the fact that you have now been asked to achieve the result not achieved in 1987 because of police malice and corruption.

“You are being asked, 28 years after the event, to bring closure to this disgraceful episode. This is, to our mind, a bleak and dismal story.”

The court has heard of years of police investigations after the convictions of three men in 1987 were quashed.

And the bulk of evidence given during Jacobs’s trial had been known to police for years, Mr Griffiths said.

Mr Griffiths described the three key witnesses who gave evidence in Jacobs’s trial as “vulnerable” individuals.

He said the witness known as Rhodes Levin “is a drug addict” and John Brown “was beset by financial problems”.

Of the last anonymous witness, Q, he said: “His appearance speaks for itself – how much more vulnerable can you get?”