Death threats boyfriend cut girlfriend’s neck with knife

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An attacker who cut his girlfriend’s neck with a knife and warned “I am going to kill you” has been spared jail.

John Barrett, 59, told his victim she would be dead before the police arrived as she desperately called 999 during the attack at their home.

Newcatle Crown Court heard the victim feared she would be killed during the violence last November.

Prosecutor Vince Ward told the court the trouble flared after the couple had been drinking in the house together.

Violence erupted when the woman went into the toilet and Barratt kicked open the door, which hit her in the face.

He then took her by the hair and pushed her head into the sink, which caused bruising and swelling to her face.

It was when she went upstairs, Barratt picked up a knife and followed her.

Mr Ward said: “He put the knife to her throat and that caused a small cut to her throat.

“At the time he was doing that, he said ‘I am going to kill you’. She was, during this time, on the telephone to the police.

“He said ‘I know what you are doing, I will kill you before they get in’.”

The court heard Barratt took the phone away from his partner and grabbed her by the neck, squeezing his thumb into her throat which left her struggling for breath. The attack came to an end when the police got to the house.

Barratt, of Park Avenue, Concorde, Washington, pleaded guilty to affray.

Lee Fish, defending, said Barratt, who looks after his disabled, adult son, is not heavily convicted and said the couple are planning to get back together.

Mr Recorder Kealey sentenced Barratt to 18 months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, with supervision and programme requirements.