Daylight burglary at home

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BURGLARS broke into a house and made off with hundreds of pounds of currency, passports and jewellery.

The thieves carried out their daylight raid on the High Primrose Hill home in Bournmoor, snatching sterling and euros, two passports, jewellery of sentimental value, house deeds and other financial documents.

A blue car or van was seen speeding away from the house before cutting in front of other vehicles, causing them to brake.

Officers are hoping anyone who saw this may have noted the vehicle’s registration details.

Pc Paul Vickers said: “The road is fairly busy with solid, white lines which were crossed by the blue vehicle.

“If anyone has more details on the make of the vehicle or ideally its registration, we would ask them to get in touch.”

The break-in took place some time between 11.45am and 2.30pm on Thursday at High Primrose Hill, which is the main road between The Floaters Mill and Dun Cow pubs.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101.