David Wilson murder trial: Neighbours heard disturbance on night of grandad's killing

The trial is ongoing at Newcastle Crown Court.
The trial is ongoing at Newcastle Crown Court.

Neighbours saw and heard a disturbance in the street on the night a man was murdered in his home, jurors have heard

David Wilson, 49, was found dead in bed with seven stab wounds by his boyfriend Scott Hoyle, 36, at their home in Southwick, Sunderland, on December 14 2014.

Daniel Johnson, of Mulberry Gardens, Gateshead, is accused of the murder.

Prosecutors claim Johnson robbed Mr Hoyle in the street then used his keys to get into the couple's flat, where he carried out the killing.

The 20-year-old denies murder and is being tried by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court.

Jurors have heard from neighbours who were woken in the early hours by a disturbance in the city street where Mr Hoyle and Mr Wilson lived.

One man, who was asleep at home with his girlfriend described hearing "people shouting" outside and heard someone say "give me your money" and "what have you got?'.

He told the court he saw Mr Hoyle, who he knew, "getting dragged" in the street by a male and added: "I saw Scott run towards his flat and I saw the other male run down towards Southwick police station, on his mobile phone."

The same neighbour's girlfriend told jurors she had been woken up by shouting and saw two males when she looked outside.

She said the first man was wearing a red beanie hat, which prosecutors say matched what Johnson was wearing that night, and the second man, who was older, was wearing a green jacket.

The woman told jurors: "Male one was dragging male two along the street. He was asking him to take his pennies out of his coat.

"Male two was trying to get away from male one. Male one continued to harass him, shout at him and stuff like that, trying to take his money off him.

"Male two tried to get away.

"Male one walked down the street, talking to himself, then disappeared."

A different neighbour told jurors she heard voices in the street and heard a man say "get to the post office".

She said: "He was just saying 'get to the post office', it was really loud and nasty."

The woman said she drifted back off to sleep but was woken up again by the sound of someone swearing at someone else then heard a "scuffling" sound.

She added: "The scuffling was as if someone was trying to get away and the man was shouting, as if he was holding him back and stopping him."

The trial continues.