David Walsh murder trial: Son tells jury how dad was killed after street attack

David Walsh
David Walsh

A grieving son has told a murder jury how his father was killed when the family came under attack by a gang of up to ten armed men.

David Walsh, known as Boff, died from blood loss as a result of multiple injuries after a savage beating by a mob carrying an "assortment" of weapons, it is claimed.

The 45-year-old had gone to the lane between Canon Cockin Street and Fuller Road in Hendon, Sunderland, on November 20 last year when he found out his son David Richardson, aka Walsh, had been attacked, jurors have heard.

His other son Kyle Walsh, who drove him to the scene, told Newcastle Crown Court he and his father were "worried" when they heard violence had broke out.

Mr Walsh said his brother sounded upset and drunk when he contacted him by telephone.

He told the court: "We were planning to go and get my brother and make sure he was alright."

Mr Walsh said when he and his father got to the back lane, they saw his brother David appeared injured and had blood on his face from a cut above his eye.

He told jurors there was three men "standing around" his injured sibling and added: "I wanted to get them away from my brother."

Mr Walsh, who said he was prepared to fight if necessary, told the court: "One or two ran away into a house and then a couple of seconds after that, that's when they all came out of the house."

Mr Walsh said around eight to ten men, many of them armed, came out of a nearby house.

He added: "There was that many people.

"One came straight for me, one went straight for David, hitting him, they all went for all of us."

Mr Walsh said he had men "standing in front of me, wanting to hit me" and saw his father was fighting.

He said during the trouble he picked up a crow bar from his van, which he dropped, and was about to arm himself again for protection.

Mr Walsh told the court the exact movements of everyone involved was confused and added: "You don't get to see this every day, do you?"

Mr Walsh said it was when he went to arm himself a second time, he heard his fatally injured father calling out to him.

He added: "He shouted and I went down to my dad so I wasn't really bothered what was going on."

The court heard at least one knife, possibly a machete, as well as a crowbar, a metal tool and a broom handle were among the weapons used during the violence.

Charles Lamont, 40, of Villette Road, his son Dalton Barnett, 19, of Fuller Road, Raymond Brown, 37, of Canon Cockin Street and Patrick Duggan, 19, of Palmstead Place, all in Sunderland, are being tried by a jury.

All four deny murder and violent disorder.