Dad stabbed on Father’s Day ‘fought off weapon’ which killed him, court told

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A DAD who was stabbed on Father’s Day may have tried to fend off the knife blow that killed him, a murder jury has been told.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that Kevin Gaunt was knifed in the chest during a doorstep confrontation with Nicolas Warrender in June.

The blade punctured his heart and caused the 52-year-old to collapse in a pool of blood on his kitchen floor.

Warrender, 23, who lived with Mr Gaunt’s step-daughter, next door to his home at Avenue Vivian, Fence Houses, denies murder.

Home office pathologist Dr Jennifer Bolton told jurors she carried out a post mortem on Mr Gaunt’s body the day after his death.

She said as well as the chest wound, Mr Gaunt had a cut to his finger which could have been from the knife.

She said: “It is in keeping with a defence-type injury whereby an individual tries to block or fend off a blow from a knife.”

Dr Bolton said the deadly wound to Mr Gaunt’s chest would have required a “moderate” degree of force to be used by the person who was holding the knife.

The doctor told jurors: “It completely cut through cartilage of the left rib and also damaged cartilage of the rib below.

“It then passed through the chest, put a hole in the sack that surrounds the heart before passing completely through the right side of the heart.”

Doctor Bolton said Mr Gaunt would have felt dizzy quickly after the wound was inflicted.

She added: “It is likely that he would have become rapidly slightly dizzy because there is not as much blood going to his head.

“He would collapse within a number of seconds to a couple of minutes.”

Dr Bolton said there would have been “significant blood loss” from the wound.

When asked by prosecutor Robert Woodcock QC how long the injury would take to cause death, she replied: “Typically within a small number of minutes.”

Warrender told police he was unaware a fatal wound had been inflicted and said he had a knife in his hand because he was using it to eat an apple.


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