Dad’s tongue bitten off in pub brawl

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A DAD-OF-TWO had part of his tongue bitten off by a burly businessman in a drunken pub brawl.

David Greaves was told by a judge that his attack on 33-year-old Kevin Dufton in Chester-le-Street, County Durham, was “truly horrific”.

The 49-year-old grandad - the boss of a window cleaning firm - dodged jail for what Judge Gillian Matthews, QC, said was “probably a unique” case.

Teesside Crown Court heard how Greaves started the trouble inside The Falcon in Chester-le-Street by head-butting and punching Mr Dufton on May 25.

The shaven-headed attacker was invited outside for a fight and when the “younger and fitter” man got the better of him, he tried to gouge out his eyes.

Prosecutor Peter Sabiston told the court that Greaves somehow latched onto Mr Dufton’s tongue as they grappled on the ground and bit off a 3cm chunk.

Unaware of the scale of his injuries after his attacker fled, Mr Dufton chased him and gave him a “comprehensive beating” before going to hospital.

Greaves was repeatedly punched and kicked as he was wedged against a car, and suffered two black eyes and a detached retina, the court heard.

Christopher Knox, mitigating, told Judge Matthews: “There was a certain poetic justice meted out by this complainant to this defendant afterwards.

“He may be smaller than Mr Greaves, but he is younger and much fitter. He was on top. In the tussle, I’m afraid quite a bit of his tongue was bitten off.”

In an impact statement, Mr Dufton said his children were “scared and confused” by his injury, and he is now conscious of his speech defect.

Greaves, of Brackenbends Close, Pelton, near Chester-le-Street, admitted causing grievous bodily harm and was given a two-year suspended jail term.

Judge Matthews also ordered him to pay £2,000 in compensation and imposed a two-year restraining order to keep him away from the victim.

She told Greaves: “This is a truly horrific offence. In defending yourself, you went far too far and caused him permanent injury.

“The circumstances are unusual if not unique. The complainant exacted some degree of revenge and subjected you to a comprehensive beating.

“No matter how he behaved to you in advance did not justify your disgraceful conduct, which must have been a truly horrendous thing.”