Dad-of-seven jailed after threatening ex-girlfriend’s new partner

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A FATHER-of-seven has been imprisoned after he made threats to his ex-partner’s new boyfriend.

Barry Allen was banned from going to his ex-partner’s new home by a restraining order, Durham Crown Court heard.

“When the relationship broke down his partner was pregnant with their seventh child,” said Liam O’Brien, prosecuting.

“A restraining order was made against Allen, and he was made the subject of a suspended sentence after he breached it.

“In January of this year one of his sons asked if he could visit his father, there is no legal reason for this not to happen.

“But when the child was being returned to its mother, Allen got in the car.

“The intention was he would stay in the car when the child was dropped off, even though that was a breach of the order.”

The court heard when Allen arrived at his ex-partner’s house he got out of the car and made threats to her about her new boyfriend.

“She was upset by that,” said Mr O’Brien.

“She is now fearful of going out to take the children to school.

“She knows Allen has a problem with his temper and is fearful he could flip at any time.”

Allen, 31, of Toft Crescent, Murton, admitted breach of a restraining order and breach of a suspended sentence, both on January 6. Ian Hudson, defending, said in mitigation: “The breach itself was not the most serious.

“There was no violence used, and no direct threats were made to his ex-partner.

“Mr Allen is making progress with his drug addiction, and has not taken heroin for some time.”

The Recorder, Mrs Amanda Rippon, jailed Allen for 11 months.

The recorder told him: “Your record shows you have breached court orders six times, and this is your fourth breach of the suspended sentence.

“The incident was not the most serious, but you must have known when you got into the car with your son where the car was going which meant you would be breaching the order again.”