Cyclist knocked man from his motorbike

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A MOTORCYCLIST was knocked unconscious when he was thrown from his bike – after being hit by a careless pedal cyclist.

Stephen Lamb cycled straight out into a junction without looking and into the path of the motorcyclist on the evening of July 25, Sunderland magistrates heard.

The male victim had no chance to stop or swerve as Lamb pulled out of Wallace Street, Houghton, and into his path at the junction with Burn Park Road.

Prosecutor Paul Doney said a witness who was driving a car directly behind Lamb, 28, described how he failed to slow down.

“She saw a male on a pedal cycle coming from nowhere, in the middle of the road, cycling towards the junction,” Mr Doney said.

“He was not wearing a helmet. She watched as he rode straight out on to the main road.

“He never looked at all and he cycled forward and sped up into the junction.

“She saw a motorbike coming towards the road from her right. The next thing he’s hit the pedal cycle.

“The motorbike was not going very fast, but he had no chance to stop.”

In a statement, the motorcyclist said he had been driving at 25 miles per hour when the cyclist rode straight into his bike.

“He couldn’t do much to avoid the pedal cycle,” Mr Doney said. “He can’t remember anything other than coming round and his friend talking to him.”

The motorcyclist was taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital, where he was kept overnight.

He needed 12 stitches to the top of his lip, eyebrow and nose.

Lamb, of Lime Avenue, Houghton, was arrested and has now admitted riding a cycle on a road without due care or attention.

James Palmer, mitigating, said: “Rather than turning his head to look for on-coming traffic, he relies on his hearing and peripheral vision.

“He admits he was more concerned about cars. He didn’t appreciate that a motorcycle was coming and pulled out and drove straight into the road. He accepts he didn’t give way.”

Mr Palmer added: “Mr Lamb actually came off worst. He has broken his collarbone as a result of the accident.”

Lamb was fined £125, told to pay £250 in compensation to the motorcyclist, a £20 surcharge and £30 costs.