Cyclist died after being hit by van driver

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A VAN driver killed a cyclist in an early morning crash as he travelled to work, a court heard.

Daniel MacKay ploughed his Transit van into the back of Elizabeth Brown’s bike because he “had not seen her when he should have done,” it is claimed.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the impact flung the 43-year-old through the air and she died almost instantaneously after hitting the ground.

Her death was due to damage caused to her aorta, the body’s main artery.

MacKay of Cross Street, Houghton, denies causing death by careless driving and is being tried by a jury.

Prosecutor Michael Hodson told the court Miss Brown, who was an experienced cyclist and triathlete was on her way to work at Wansbeck District Hospital travelling along the A189 spine road at Cramlington, Northumberland, when she was killed last April 13.

Mackay, 23, was on his way to work at Bedlington and was travelling within the speed limit.

Mr Hodson said: “The defendant had no indication of alcohol or illegal substances in his body. He had not been using his mobile telephone.

“The prosecution case is the defendant failed to see Elizabeth Brown riding ahead of him when he should have done.”

“The weather was fine, the visibility was very good and it was a bright, sunny morning.”