Crime is falling in the region

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CRIME across Northumbria has fallen by nine per cent, figures reveal.

Home Office figures released for the 12 months ending in June, showed another drop in total crime for Northumbria Police.

All crime across Northumbria was down nine per cent compared with the previous year.

This is a higher fall than the national average, which stands at six per cent.

Crime is down in almost every category, including violence against the person, burglary, sexual offences, vehicle crime, theft and criminal damage.

Fraud offences and drug crime rose slightly, with the drugs rise being put down to officers clamping down on dealers and users.

Chief Constable Sue Sim said: “We’re committed to tackling the small minority who cause problems and commit crime in our villages, towns and cities.

“Neighbourhood Policing remains at the heart of everything we do and we continue to ask our communities where and when they want to see us to ensure we are providing the local service that they need.”