‘Cowardly’ killer of Pamela Jackson jailed for 18 years

Andrew Muir with Pamela Jackson
Andrew Muir with Pamela Jackson
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A DRYSTONE waller who killed a grandmother he met on an online dating site has been jailed for 18 years.

Adrian Muir, 51, from Halifax, was found guilty of the manslaughter murdering Pamela Jackson, 55, from Chester-le-Street, last week.

Her body was found in a shallow grave 120 miles away on the West Yorkshire moors.

A jury cleared him of murder at Newcastle Crown Court.

But Geoff Mason of the Crown Prosecution Service today branded him a cowardly and remorseless killer.

He said: “We are satisfied that Adrian Muir has been held accountable for his actions earlier this year and that justice has been done.

“Since killing Pamela Jackson in March he has acted utterly without remorse. Muir fabricated Facebook entries to convince others she was alive and lied to her sons about their mother’s whereabouts.

“Throughout a series of lengthy interviews with the police he denied any knowledge of, or involvement in, her death.

“He continued to lie in the face of the huge volume of forensics and telecommunications evidence linking him to Soyland Moor where Pamela was found and, at trial, even made wild accusations of a conspiracy against him in his efforts to evade justice.

“Each and every one of his actions has been motivated by a cowardly sense of self-preservation, with little concern for the impact they would have on the family and friends of Pamela Jackson.

“His actions have greatly extended the suffering and grief of those who loved Pamela, simply to serve his own selfish ends.”

He added: “The recovery of Pamela’s body was only achieved as a result of the determination and dedication of the Durham Police who refused to give up until she was found and her body returned to her family.

“We hope that Pamela’s family are satisfied with the sentence passed on Muir today and we extend our deepest sympathies to them at what must be a very difficult time. “