Cousin begged hit men for his life after they shot Sunderland dad dead at takeaway

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A BUSINESSMAN has told of how his cousin begged for his life during an organised hit which has left the community in shock.

Sayed Ahmed says he has been left devastated after his childhood friend Tipu Sultan, 32, was shot at point blank range behind the family’s takeway Herbs & Spice Kitchen in Lake Avenue, South Shields, on Tuesday.

Mr Ahmed’s cousin, who was also in the shop at the time of the shooting, which is thought to have involved two men on a motorbike, narrowly escaped with his life.

Mr Ahmed, from Sunderland, said: “The killer shot Tipu point blank in the face, he then walked casually up to the back door and attempted to enter the takeaway.

“My cousin slammed the door on him, but the gun was wedged in the doorway.

“He then pointed the gun at my cousin who by that time was on the floor begging for his life.

“Luckily, the killer didn’t shoot again and left.”

It’s understood Mr Sultan’s father, Amin Miah, 60, also witnessed the shooting.

Mr Ahmed has said his cousin is ‘holding up well’ and has paid tribute to his friend Tipu, who was an avid Sunderland fan.

He said: “Tipu was my childhood friend, he was top bloke, always had smile on his face, an avid Sunderland supporter.

“He was a regular at the Stadium of Light with his son.

“He will be missed sorely around these parts and my condolences go out to his wife, children and family.”