Coroner praises friend who tried to save Sunderland river death teenager

Jordan Roberts
Jordan Roberts
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A CORONER has praised the friend who tried to save Jordan Roberts.

The 17-year-old from Downhill drowned after getting into difficulties in a deep section of water near Finchale Abbey on September 8.

Friend Robert Scott, Jordan and his brother Callum, 19, had already been to the beauty spot to walk a dog earlier on in the day, then returned with the Roberts’ younger brother George, after he finished school.

Mr Scott told an inquest into Jordan’s death how he had been in the river before heading back to collect his car keys from a tree branch, but thought Jordan and Callum were playing around behind him before he realised both were under the water.

George had not been in the river during their visit.

Mr Scott said: “I thought they were just messing about, dunking each other, one was coming up and other was going down, then they were both under.

“There was no noises.

“I went over to Callum and he was coming to the top and floating, I dragged Callum to the side and shouted to the other brother, George.

“He helped me drag Callum to the side and I went back to look for Jordan. Callum was unbelievable, his face was all swollen.

“I failed to find Jordan, but Callum came back around after I’d given him CPR, and that’s when I told George to wait with Callum and I ran up to get help, towards the abbey.”

The coroner praised Mr Scott for his efforts to save the brothers.

He said: “This was a day of fun and enjoyment on the river, sadly, one which went on to be a serious tragedy and ended in a fatality.

“If it had not been for Mr Scott’s prompt and courageous actions, we could have been dealing with two inquests this morning, not just one.”

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