Convicted rapist’s terrifying raid on female teacher’s Sunderland home

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A CONVICTED rapist left a teacher terrified when he crept into her house to burgle it.

Wayne Hutchinson woke the victim by creeping into her Sunderland home in the early hours of New Year’s Eve.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the woman had heard a door handle turning in the house as she slept and ended up confronting the stranger.

Prosecutor Glenda Turnbull told the court: “She heard footsteps downstairs in the hallway and living room. She came to the top of the stairs and saw a male wearing a red jacket and jeans.

“There was a challenge.”

The court heard Hutchinson, 46, who has previous convictions for violence and burglaries, was convicted of rape and wounding in 1996.

He was given a 10-year sentence after he followed a girl through Mowbray Park and onto a bus in Sunderland before ordering her off at Southwick Green and raping her in toilets.

He then stabbed a man who had mocked him for being a child rapist, while he was out on bail for the attack.

Hutchinson has been in further trouble for violence after his release from the long sentence.

The court heard he and his nephew Ryan Hutchinson, 24, had drank 24 cans of beer each when they raided the teacher’s home by going in through an unlocked door to look for a “party”.

A laptop computer, Blackberry mobile phone and handbag, which were stolen during the break-in, were recovered after the pair were arrested nearby.

The victim told police in her statement: “The incident made me feel sick and shaky, I got a terrible shock finding someone inside my house.”

Judge Simon Hickey sentenced Wayne Hutchinson, of Newcastle Road, for 15 months.

He sentenced Ryan Hutchinson, of Pretoria Square, Plains Farm, who is lightly convicted, to 12 months’ imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, with programme and supervision requirements.

Both men had pleaded guilty to burglary. The court heard neither can remember the break-in.