Cold-callers banned from zero-tolerance zone

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A ZERO-TOLERANCE zone is being established to cut cold callers.

Residents in Berwick Chase, Peterlee, are setting up a Cold Calling Awareness Zone with the help of Durham County Council and Police.

The project is aimed at helping residents avoid being bothered, and giving them the confidence to say “no” if they are approached.

Householders will be given an information pack explaining how the scheme works, along with a sticker for their door to tell cold callers they are not welcome.

Lamppost signs will be put up to show it is a no-go area.

The project will be officially launched on Friday by police and council, with Trading Standards officers to also be on hand to offer information on the issue, along with distraction burglaries and bogus callers.

Joanne Waller, the council’s head of consumer protection, said: “Working in partnership with the police, we are keen to help residents take control of dealing with unwanted cold callers at the door. The Cold Calling Awareness Zone is set up to send a message to cold callers that they are not welcome.”