Chinese chef beaten up in Sunderland in mix up over his red jacket

Court story
Court story
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A CHEF was attacked on his way home from work after being a victim of mistaken identity.

The victim had just finished work at a nearby Cantonese restaurant when he was set upon by Stuart Wylde.

The 31-year-old assaulted him outside the University of Sunderland campus in Chester Road, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Wylde claimed he had been approached earlier that day by a man in a red jacket who told him he wanted to have sex with his girlfriend.

He went back to a hostel in Tatham Street, Sunderland, where has been staying and drank alcohol and smoked cannabis.

Later that night, he set off to friend’s house in Pallion, when he saw a man in a red coat and attacked him.

Prosecutor Paul Anderson told the court: “The assault is rather an unusual offence. “The victim is a Chinese chef who was going home at 11.30pm, passing by the university building in Chester Road.

“Without warning, he was attacked from behind by a male who put him in a headlock. He fought off the male in self-defence and the defendant reacted with a punch.

“Fortunately, there is security at the university who intervened. The defendant ran off and the security officer searched the area for him. Police then stopped a man near the fire station and that was Stuart Wylde.

“This was a disturbing attack. He has attacked a man walking down the street simply because of the colour of his coat.”

Wylde, originally from Murton, pleaded guilty to assault.

The court was told he has a history of convictions for violence, and has served three years in jail for assault. He also has previous for wounding, possession of a bladed article and robbery, for which he served a “substantial term” of imprisonment.

Wylde’s solicitor Willie Johnstone said his client was on suicide watch after being arrested on a warrant the previous night. He had been taken to hospital after being found in his cell with a ligature around his neck.

He said: “Mr Wylde advises me he had been in Mowbray Park with his girlfriend.

“This person with a very distinctive red jacket walked through the park and made a suggestion to him about his girlfriend. He told him where to go.

“He walked his girlfriend to a bus stop and went home. It festered. He was drinking, he was smoking cannabis.

“He was walking through the university when he saw this person who was wearing exactly the same jacket and he attacked him. He says it wasn’t the person from the park. He is extremely sorry for the assault. It was a complete and utter mistake when he was full of anger.”

The bench asked for the Probation Service to prepare a report with all options, including custody, available when he is sentenced on February 5. He was released on bail.