Chicken thief steals rare breeds from allotment

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A THIEF has made off with rare breed chickens from a Whitburn allotment.

The White Star chickens were taken from a plot at Arthur Street allotments.

Thieves removed the padlock from the henhouse and nine chickens were stolen.

The White Star breed can lay up to 320 eggs a year and can cost from £10 to £20 each.

The incident happened on June 6, between 9pm and 12.30am, although police have just now released details.

Larry Robertson has had a plot at the allotments for 50 years and said there have been minor break-ins over the years.

“It’s not a regular thing but there have been a couple of incidents.”

Mr Robertson, of Whitburn, said that the quality of the chickens was probably the reason they were taken.

He said: “The man had bought expensive chickens, they were a special breed.”

Arthur Street resident Carol Williams said although she had not heard about the break-in it was concerning to think that thieves were operating in the area.

The retired 70-year-old said: “I’ve lived round here for nearly 40 years and it does make you feel a bit worried.

“I have heard of other break-ins in the allotments though, I hope it isn’t a regular thing.”

Police are investigating the thefts.