Cashback thieves preying on forgetful shoppers at Asda

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POLICE are reminding people to ensure they remove cash from self service tills.

It follows incidents at Asda in Boldon over recent weeks where people have left either change or ‘cashback’ money in the self service till area.

It’s then been stolen by opportunist thieves.

People are being reminded to ensure they remove all of their property from the till area before leaving the store.

And those who take the cash from the machines are being warned they are committing a crime and could end up with a criminal record.

Harton and East Shields Neighbourhood Inspector Julie Beattie said: “If you are using self service tills and do request cashback then make sure you pick it up and don’t leave it behind.

“By just taking a few moments to make sure they have all of their belongings before they leave it could save a lot of frustration and financial loss.

“I’d also warn people who steal money left behind in a self service till that it is a criminal offence and they could be arrested and face getting a criminal record.

“This is money that does not belong to them and it is theft by finding. The stores have CCTV so the likelihood is people will be caught for the offence. The best thing to do is to alert staff at the store.”

The advice is part of Northumbria Police’s Operation Soundwave campaign, aimed at tackling opportunist thieves and burglars and promoting crime prevention advice to residents.